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Sustainability Code

“The world is a fine place and worth fighting for” [Hemingway]

Sustainability Code

We bring value to sustainable energy

Sustainable development and climate change are major challenges of our time. Energy and the way it is produced and transformed are at the heart of this challenge. We have a responsibility to leave a positive impact on our environment.

Nooter/Eriksen is committed to incorporating sustainability into our everyday operations and collaborating with local communities in which we work and live along with our supply chain providers.

Nooter/Eriksen’s principles and commitments are defined in the Code of Sustainability.

We are asking all employees and business partners to work together on the path to sustainability to ensure we help leave this world a better place than which we found it.

Long-term success through sustainable development

We pursue a balance between the economy, environment and social responsibility, thus ensuring the long-term success and longevity of our company.

In particular, Nooter/Eriksen feels committed to provide its contribution to the following United Nations sustainability goals and through its organizational and management ethics, its efficient products in the Energy world and its research and innovation activities:

Training and Education

We recognize that our people are critical to our ability to deliver our strategic goals. As such we need to ensure that our workplaces are safe, inclusive, welcomes diversity and offers everyone the chance to develop to their full potential. We provide employees with on the job training along with in house continuing education along with a tuition reimbursement program to support growth within the organization.

Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all of our employees feel valued, included and empowered to do their best work and bring great ideas forth for the betterment of their business unit and our corporation. We provide equal treatment and equal employment opportunity without regard to any protected status or other characteristic. This applies to all aspects of N/E’s employment decisions, including recruitment, hiring, placement, development, promotion, training, scheduling, benefits, compensation and termination of employment.

Safe and sustainable products and technologies

We strive to meet the current and future expectations and needs of our customers by offering innovative products and technologies accompanied by quality services. We provide customers with information and advice on safe and responsible use. The principles of sustainable development are considered from the earliest stages of engineering and product development.

Code of Business Conduct

We also understand the importance of competitive pricing, product quality, product safety, social compliance and an ethical supply chain. Nooter/Eriksen respects the principles of fair competition and decides based on strict economic criteria in compliance with applicable laws and standards and regulations.

We build global partnerships the same way we build customer partnerships, by establishing a relationship built on mutually understood goals and objectives. We put our suppliers and products through extensive testing, inspection and quality controls to assure our customers the products we source meet their requirements and all global and local regulatory compliance.

Employees may give and accept business courtesies. Such courtesies must be modest enough to not interfere with ethical business judgment and not create an appearance of impropriety. Please refer to Nooter/Eriksen’s Business Gratuities policies for further information. We expect the same from our business partners. It is contrary to our Code of Ethics for personal favors to be granted or accepted that could negatively affect Nooter/Eriksen’s reputation.

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