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Specialty Welding

Expert specialty welding services by ASME certified welders, handling all types of metallurgy and adhering to strict codes. Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Specialty Welding Services

At WYATT, our ASME certified welders are skilled in working with a wide range of metallurgy, from Carbon Steel to exotic alloys, ensuring high-quality welding services for any project. With over 4000 weld procedures and dedicated Welding Engineers, we’re equipped to meet the precise needs of our customers, adhering to the highest standards and codes.

ASME Certified Welders

    • Experienced in all types of metallurgy from Carbon Steel to exotic alloys.

Weld Procedures

    • Over 4000 Weld Procedures with Welding Engineers to qualify our welders according to customer needs.

Codes and Standards

    • Qualified to perform work according to ASME (U, U2, AND S), National Board, AWWA, API, and ANSI codes.
  • Multiple GMAW/FCAW WPS/PQRs qualified with various alloys – including Inconel, Stainless, Hastelloy, and others.
  • Multiple GTAW WPS/PQRs qualified with various alloys including Inconel, Stainless, Chrome, and others.
  • Available 24/7 – 365 Days/Year.
  • NSS/WYATT shared resources i.e., QA/QC, Safety Supervisors, Confined Space Attendant, Fire Watch – offering cost savings to customers.

We continually impress our customers with our performance and expertise.
Please contact our offices for a list of our completed projects, including names and customer contact information.