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Refinery & Chemical Plant Turnarounds

NOOTER  provides a diversity of turnaround services, from routine maintenance and emergency repairs to major shutdowns and new capital projects.

Refinery & Chemical Plant Turnarounds

With more than a century of experience, NOOTER has the expertise to safely and successfully execute routine maintenance and emergency repairs, critical shutdowns and new capital projects.

Our project teams follow a methodical framework to plan, schedule, staff, and execute turnarounds ranging from 10,000 to 500,000 workhours.

Turnaround Planning Services

General Contracting / Construction Management

Full capability to act as a general contractor or manage owner-supplied subcontractors and resources

Constructability Reviews

To reduce turnaround duration, we collaborate with engineering to maximize pre-turnaround construction

Estimating and Scheduling

Full capability to estimate and provide detailed sequencing of all work activities

Execution Planning

Develop hiring plans and equipment schedules, alleviate stacking of trades, and coordinate with Plant Operations to expedite permitting processes

Logistics Planning

Evaluate and develop plans to address support facilities, laydown yards, heavy-haul traffic flow, and material transport

Safety Planning

Evaluate and develop ventilation and rescue plans, confined space requirements, hexavalent chromium procedures, and lock-out / tag-out compliance

Quality Planning

Identify welding procedures and welder qualifications to ensure that resources are available

Manpower Planning

Identify number and type of trades required and facilitate hiring plans with local union halls

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