In the past 5 years there have been new emission technologies that have become available. These new technologies will improve efficiency, lower pressure drop and reduce cost. Nooter/Eriksen can evaluate your system to see what retrofit is possible and makes the most sense for your HRSG given a combination of its design and emissions needs.

Proper maintenance and periodic replacement of the catalyst systems is critical not only for proper emissions performance but also for successful and efficient Combustion Turbine operation by maintaining good backpressure in the HRSG. Back pressure is also and important consideration to the stability of the catalyst frame itself. By neglecting this section there is risk of catalyst blocks becoming dislodge or in more sever cases, the failure of the frame restraints or permanent frame deformation that could lead to damage on the downstream tube field sections and the costly repairs that come with such damage.

Nooter/Eriksen can be you one stop shop for complete turnkey replacement of the catalyst system by combining engineered design upgrades, material sourcing, complete project management and installation of these catalyst system.

SCR Install