Nooter/Eriksen is a part of the 榴莲app官方下载, an employee-owned company with subsidiaries specializing in construction, manufacturing and engineering services since 1896. 榴莲app官方下载’s mission is to advance the world鈥檚 energy infrastructure. Nooter/Eriksen鈥檚 extensive engineering expertise & support services in the energy sector contribute to this mission by enabling customers to create efficiencies, reduce water & energy waste, and increase profitability.

Why Choose Nooter/Eriksen

Nooter/Eriksen is the ideal partner for a variety of initiatives due to its unwavering commitment to the following principles:

  • Ownership mentality: The majority of our employees are shareholders and as such are personally invested in the long term success of the company. The success of every project is vital and we ensure that by maintaining high professional standards and dedication in the planning and execution of each project.

  • Education: More than 60% of our employees have a bachelors degree, and more than 30% hold a master degree.
  • Thermal specialist: It鈥檚 critical for the good of the environment and for the financial health of our clients that heat production never be wasted. Anywhere there is a heat stream Nooter/Eriksen is committed to maximizing its recovery and we dedicate our professional lives to this goal everyday.

  • Experience: Since its inception, Nooter/Eriksen has supplied more than 1000 HRSGs worldwide. We have experienced and resolved every kind of problem imaginable with that level of success. Our immense portfolio of experience is at the disposal of every client we work with and its a key differentiator that clearly separates us from our competition.

  • Project Implementation: Project planning and implementation is critical to the success of every project. We are project management centric and as a result have a culture that focuses intently on proper execution and adherence to the schedule. We specialize in complex implementation, worldwide sourcing and provide an extensive supply management chain to guarantee the delivery of quality product on time, every time.

  • Research & Development: Nooter/Eriksen knows that tomorrow’s products must be better than those available today. We devote extensive time and resources into R&D and convert the lessons we learn daily into design improvements that help us serve our customers better. By continuing to help them achieve their goals more efficiently, we鈥檒l fulfill our mission of bringing value to sustainable energy.

  • Focused on Building Lasting Relationships: Nooter/Eriksen values the relationship with its customers.

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Nooter/Eriksen鈥檚 management team have each served with the organization for more than 20 years.
Their experience and commitment guarantees successful outcomes for clients, on even the most challenging and complicated contracts.

Piero Scapini 鈥 President

Piero holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering by Politecnico of Milan.

He started working as an offshore platform specialist and project engineer in Tecnomare, then as Project Manager in air conditioning in Simcon. In 1993, he joined CCT, a leading Italian supplier of boilers, with the responsibility as Project Manager, Product Manager and Sales Director.

In 2001 he was assigned the role of General Director of the newly established Nooter/Eriksen-CCT and then in 2005 became Managing Director of NooterEriksen Srl. Since 2015 Piero has served on the board of 榴莲app官方下载 and in 2018 he became the President of Nooter/Eriksen globally.

Matt Burns 鈥 Executive Vice President

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University.

Matt was promoted to Executive Vice President in November, 2021 and since 2024 Matt has served on the CIC Board.

He was named Vice President of Sales and Operations in 2019 overseeing the Sales, Projects and Global Sourcing departments as well as Human Resources. Matt has also served on Nooter/Eriksen鈥檚 Executive Committee since 2017.

He was previously Director of Sales from 2014-2019. Matt started his career as an Estimating Engineer with Nooter/Eriksen and quickly advanced to a Senior International Sales Engineer position. In this role, he spent seven years in Italy navigating active business segments in EMEA, Central Asia as well as South America.

Additionally, Matt has held other roles in the organization as Project Manager, Manager of European Sales, Director of Sales and Vice President of Sales.

Marco Perini 鈥 General Director

Marco holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering degree in 1991 at Politecnico di Milano.

He started working as a Thermal Engineer in 1993 in Belleli Energy and then joined ABB / Alstom as a Project Engineer.

In 2001 he joined Nooter/Eriksen-CCT as a Project Manager. In 2005 he became Manager of Projects in Nooter/Eriksen Italy, then Director of Operation.

Marco now serves Nooter/Eriksen as General Director and Board Member of Nooter/Eriksen Italy. Since 2024, Marco has served on the board for 榴莲app官方下载.

Darla Gavin 鈥 Vice President of Technology

Darla has been working for the Nooter/CIC family of companies for 36 years primarily at Nooter/Eriksen Inc. where she started in the process design group. She has been part of helping the division grow from less than 50 employees working in the US to 400 employees working worldwide with customers and suppliers and has seen the industry evolve from simple 40 MW HRSGs to complex 400 MW HRSGs with catalysts, hydrogen firing, and advanced materials.

In 1999, Darla transferred to Sales and spent the following years supporting and educating customers, negotiating contracts, improving estimation processes, developing new business, and managing a sales team. In 2017 she moved from the Director of Sales to VP of Operations and is currently the VP of Technology. Her current responsibilities include oversight of Engineering, Thermal Design and Testing, Supplier Management, Quality, Aftermarket and Finance.

Darla holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri 鈥 Rolla.

Hallie Shin – Vice President of Sales

Hallie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Hallie was promoted to Vice President of Sales in March 2023. As of March 2024, she now serves on Nooter/Eriksen鈥檚 Executive Committee. In addition to Hallie鈥檚 previous responsibilities, she now oversees the Specialty Products business unit.

Hallie was named Director of Sales in 2019 overseeing the Sales and Estimating teams. Prior to this, Hallie spent 13 years in various Sales roles. In addition to Hallie鈥檚 extensive time in the sales department, she started her career as a Thermal Design Engineer and moved into a Product Testing and Development Engineering role. In this role, Hallie traveled extensively providing technical support and commissioning on various job sites. She then spent two years as a Field Service Engineer before moving into her career in sales.

Massimo Carpi 鈥 CFO

Massimo holds a Master Degree in Management and Production Engineering by Politecnico of Milan.

He started working in 1997 in CCT, a leading Italian supplier of boilers where he held the Controller role.

In 2006 he joined Nooter/Eriksen Italy and in 2010 took responsibility as Chief Financial Officer of the company.

Since 2012 Massimo has been serving on the board of the directors of Nooter/Eriksen Italy.