“Nec quod fuimusve sumusve, cras erimus.
We will not be tomorrow what we were, nor what we are.” [Publio Ovidio Nasone]

Research & Development

Research and development is a key part of Nooter/Eriksen’s on-going product improvement. This R&D includes an in house calibrated wind tunnel that is used to conduct basic thermal/hydraulic research. An entire department of engineers is dedicated full-time to exploring areas for continuous improvements.

We also have extensive capabilities to support customer requests to perform structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for critical components of the heat recovery boiler operating in cycling modes.

New Product Development

Nooter/Eriksen is invested in creating a future of sustainable heat recovery for use as heat/thermal energy and/or power generation. We have a dedicated department supporting these endeavors. Nooter/Eriksen is active in many fields including water conditioning, biorefineries to produce various products, energy storage and retrieval as heat and/or power, carbon capture utilization and/or sequestration (CCUS), concentrated solar power (CSP), and others. We hold many patents and have a pipeline of many more patents applications both pending and still in development. Nooter/Eriksen can utilize many forms of energy as inputs to these systems including electricity and/or excess electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind; we can even make use of nuclear energy as input in the forms of excess generated electricity and as a heat source. Nooter/Eriksen is actively reviewing the best ways to participate in the emerging hydrogen market by development of generation methods and equipment as well as other potential market facets for hydrogen generation, storage, transport, and utilization.

Nooter/Eriksen has successfully participated in many DoE projects ranging through CCUS, CSP, thermal energy storage and retrieval as heat and/or power, etc. We have worked with other entrepreneurial partners as well as with several National Laboratories, NREL, NETL, SETO, ARPA-E, and DoE.